Air Conditioning

Expertly installed high-end air conditioning systems backed by a warranty and our satisfaction guarantee.

Keeping your home or business breezy in the warmer months, and cosy throughout the cooler months is a necessity for those seeking out the ultimate comfort. We recommend Daikin products for their premium quality, efficiency and noise reduction technology. We specialise in both Split and Ducted air conditioning systems, and for those seeking out even more control we can also install iZone – the gold star standard in smart home climate control.

Split System Air Conditioning

Daikin’s split systems are ideal for heating or cooling a single room or a specific space small or large. Our wall mounted units come in a variety of models, simply tell us which features you’re most interested in and we’ll recommend the most suitable unit. Some units can purify and dehumidy the air, while others come in a slimline and modern design suitable for smaller spaces.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Daikin’s ducted systems are a premium and discreet way to heat or cool your entire home. Alleviate the need for bulky units and enjoy a controlled temperature throughout every room. No home or business is too big or too small, and we have a variety of models available to suit most budgets and the requirements and construction of your building. 

All Daikin’s domestic units are backed by a 5 year warranty when installed professionally, and the commercial range also have several warranty options. For more information, visit Daikin’s website by clicking the logo below.

Take control of your home’s climate at the tap of a smart screen.

iZone is an innovative climate control hub that can be installed into your existing system or paired up with your new Daikin system. Set temperature settings and schedules for up to 14 zones and control them remotely from your smart phone or tablet. Keep an eye on your energy efficiency and automate your home for complete climate comfort all year around.




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